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On one hand she is the wrong image to be Bin Laden's mistress. She is Helix-headed Dark Skinned purely African, they hate she's Egyptian because she looks like generic Negro.

Terrorist Girlie?

On the other could she be a decent person and be involved with such horrible men as Hasan al Turabi (Bin Laden's mentor), Isam Turabi (Bin Laden's best friend) and then USAMA himself! They don't care she was raped and held against her will.

Black Bitch Syndrome

Many African people in the limelight have been contacted and targeted with disinformation about Kola Boof. We talk. We hear the stories of who is paid or offered money to perpetuate certain negativity and lies about Boof, our own sister.

“If not for the deeply rich books Kola Boof has written, I would probably fall for the outlandish stories about her. But when you read the caliber of writing this woman puts out. It's impossible for me to support the silencing and suppression of what is clearly an important dissident voice of enormous talent and personal charisma. The Americans are terribly afraid of her energy. Boof means war drum, in fact it's a drum that's only played in victory and Kola Boof certainly lives up to that name. Even the NY Times in the midst of trying to trash her admitted that she's an astonishing literary talent.” --Ama Baraff Long

Xixo Ulle


The U.S. government and the White Media of the west have tried every trick in the book to discredit and destroy this artist, this womanist thinker and writer. Our website is made with the intention to support and spread an alternative message about this embattled WRITER.

It’s been said that well behaved women rarely make history.  Our site aims to focus on the Fact Checked information on the phenomenon of those trying to silence and destroy Kola Boof.  CONTINUE READING…